Fielding the Pitch – Class of 2014

Aside from an amazon project I was invited to take part in and an AWFUL query, I had NEVER put my MS out into the big bad world before. Partly because I was scared, partly because I treasured it so much that I would become all growly at the thought of putting it up on the web – mine, back off! Which is stupid because I wrote it for others to enjoy.


True, I have parted with it to Beta readers and some people I consider genuine and trustworthy, so what was the reason for the sudden leap? Pitch Wars. < Notice the full stop. The whole idea of Pitch Wars sounded fun and I like fun, who doesn’t? So, I packed my baby a lunch box and sent it on its way. I have a creeping suspicion that it failed to reach its final destination but honestly, at this stage, that’s beside the point. There is much more to be gained from pitch wars than a mentor. True, it is the end result everyone hopes for but not everyone can be picked. So stay cool preppy, it does not mean you suck. And here’s why.


If you have walked away from pitch wars without at least an influx of amazing followers, you are doing it wrong. Pitch Wars 2014 became an amazing community of sorrow, support and big love. When email inboxes had nothing other than tumbleweeds and the occasional offer of an enlargement of some sort, the class of 2014 stepped up. Tissues to slime upon were snatched from outstretched arms, hugs were given and of course, there was always someone super positive standing by to bark ‘It’s not over yet!’ Men and Women (mostly women, which is good since @Thirtynerdy threatened to throw one of them overboard – okay not so much, but there was a definite threat that he would be left behind), as I was saying – Men and Women gathered together to provide a shoulder, a joke and an occasional funny video or tweet to keep hope alive. More importantly, friendships were forged, manuscripts changed hands and new critique partnerships were made. Best of all, it’s not over yet!!!

One of my favorite parts of Pitch Wars was WWW – Whiskey, Wine and Writing – the live chats from Tiffany and Natasha, where several mentors stopped by to answer questions and provide advice. If you didn’t watch it, you really should have. It’s on again tomorrow night, the time is usually announced in the Pitch Wars feed, so check it out.

There was also writeoncon – for me that was hugely helpful. My query thread was pretty funny, I am really bad at queries, having only ever written one. Luckily, an abundance of people dropped by to help.
Personally, I have gained many things from the Pitch Wars experience. From new friends, new CP’s and a fun opportunity as Sharon Johnston’s blog assistant I can safely say that Pitch Wars was a roaring success.

Thank you to everyone, mentee and mentor, that made the past few weeks so much fun. And a super huge thank you to Brenda Drake, the brains behind Pitch Wars. I enjoyed every minute of it. To the class of 2014 – I salute you.




14 thoughts on “Fielding the Pitch – Class of 2014

    • I’m thinking sun and booze, oh – and lots of dancing on any available surface – flat or otherwise, remember?

      Thank you. It has been such a pleasure to connect with all of you. Best of all, even once Pitch Wars is all over, we’ll still all chatter away to each other. I heart you guys 🙂

  1. I am super nervous about becoming involved in anything outside my own little world. Yes, I’ve sent off my submissions, but I can’t even get over my anxiety to go to a local writer’s festival. I’m sure that after I hear nothing back ( trying to be positive), I will stretch myself – but is it bad that I’m not stretching now? Is Pitch Wars an annual event?

    • Yes, Pitch Wars is an annual event, I hope you take part next year, in fact – next year I will nag you until you do. I have never been to a festival, not yet anyhow, but I hope to at some point. Pitch Wars has changed my whole outlook, I have definitely done U-turn. The amount of help and support was unbelievable. Everyone wanted each other to succeed. Those of us that took part in both Pitch Wars and writeoncon spent hours pouring over each others queries and the first five pages of our manuscripts, providing suggestions and pointing out errors. It was a really positive experience and I can’t wait for it to all begin again next year. It is not a bad thing that you are not stretching now, people find success in many ways. But there are great benefits. Also, always stay positive, one of the mentors received over two hundred rejections before they received their first yes, so keep at it! 🙂

  2. I caught some of your tweets during Pitch Wars and found them fun to follow. I didn’t partake, and haven’t in the past, but I have heard it can be a lot of fun. Maybe next year I’ll try to jump in. I seem to always be working on sequels to books I’ve already self-published, which I don’t think would work well with Pitch Wars, but who knows what I’ll be working on this time next year.

    • You must! It really was fun, as you saw from my tweets lol. I think I will ready a new manuscript for next year, possibly a stand alone, though that is not my style, we’ll see. It would be nice if you joined the journey. I have added you to my growing list of people to nag next year 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing so much. As an unpublished writer I need as much as I can get. I now have been given time, which is hard to get and iI want to give it my best shot. I have written poetry and short stories for as long as I can remember. My Mr. Has said” stop work and do what you want to do; be who you really are” So that is what I am doing. I write from 6/ 10.30 most mornings. I am not sure of how to show my work or even if it’s good enough. But #iamwriting
    I grasped the tech fear that is blogging and am trying. (I loose more than I post) I have only put tiny snippets of my work out on the blog and I joined twitter. But I read and write like a demon, I love it love it.
    The hope is that I will gain in skill and confidence, with the help of people like you. So thank you again.

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