One Lovely Blog Award

onelovelyblogThank you to Bill and CJSWriting for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. If you give their names a clickedy click, it’ll take you to their awesome blogs.

The rules are fairly simple, I write 7 facts about myself and then nominate others to do the same. If I nominate you and you don’t wish to take part, no worries!!

7 Facts About Me

I am a klutz. I walk into a door or a wall at least a couple of times a day, I never really hurt myself though my legs are constantly bruised. My friend laughs at how often I have to buy new plates, bowls and cups, because I drop them A LOT.

I have never left Europe. I was born in Ireland, moved to England when I was nine and had a day trip to France with my school when I was ten, but that’s it. I plan on seeing a lot more of the world once the children are older.

I love Autumn. All the colors and the leaves kicking up in the wind. What a beautiful time of year. Winter is awesome too when we get snow, but we don’t get it very often here in Hampshire, England.

I have four cats, a dog and three mice. The mice were not planned but I saw someone trying to sell one baby one. Mice should live together, so I felt sorry for it, also, in England, people buy pet mice to feed to their snakes and I didn’t want that to happen. So, we gave Sprinkles a home, took her to a breeder to make sure she was a girl and to introduce her to two other girls a month older than her – and now we have 3. Sprinkle, Milky and Lana.

Tea and Coffee, milk, no sugar. (decaf tea – it tastes better)

I’m accident prone. I have fallen off lots of high objects. A building (hospitalized for that stunt – though no broken bones!) A tree (or several), a garage and I fell down a large valley in Ireland when I went for a visit. I only have a couple of scars though, a purple one on my knee from the garage incident – I was about eight and I fell off the garage and into a pile of glass, ooopsie! I was in a car crash too, got a scar on my lip from that one, but again – no broken bones. Oh and I split my head open, jumping down the stairs when I was about twelve, nine stitches – I hit my head off the ceiling. (I jumped too high!) Scar on my head from that. Oh, and I just remembered. I tripped over a wire in the hallway of my mother’s flat when I was eight – got a scar on my chin from that. So, yup, accident prone.

Despite all of that, I have never broken a bone.

I can’t sleep at night. No idea why. It seems to run in my family with my sisters and I often chatting away to each other via message in the wee hours. Any attempt to go to bed at what is deemed a normal hour causes total lack of sleep. So rather than not sleep at all, I sleep while the children are at school. School holidays are particularly difficult!

My nominations are:

Jodie Llewellyn

Darryl Donaghue

Sarah Carlson

Jessica Bloczynski

Tiffany Rosenthal



16 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Oh, I totally have an aversion to mice. For some people it’s snakes or spiders, for me it’s mice. Not that I want them to die, they just totally creep me out. And I’d love to visit Europe someday. Or let me rephrase that, I will visit Europe someday.

    • Oh, I love them, little cuties. If they’re awake, the come up the the cage to say hello when I walk in the room. Spiders I can cope with – for me it’s earwigs. Nothing else really scares me, but I think it’s totally rational – they have stingers and they run at you with them all bent round ready to get you!! lol If you ever visit Europe, you have an open invitation to here 🙂

      • I had to Google earwigs (never heard of them before.) And yuck! They are on my list now too. Mice don’t really scare me, they just send chills all over my body for some reason. I must have had a bad experience in a past life or something. lol And thanks, I will definitely give you a shout out when I get there 🙂

      • Apparently we do, because it says they are in the America’s, however I have never heard of them before. Maybe they just aren’t in Appalachia? -So yes another reason you need to walk that trail!

  2. I just realized I hadn’t put my two cents in here. You WILL travel and walk that trail, most likely banging yourself up along the way but it will still be fun. As for not sleeping at night, really? I had no idea, lol.

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