Today is October – not November

My brain is mush. I would love to tell you this is temporary, but that would be a big porky pie lie. But I do think it’s selectively mushy. I can function every day, I can write, I can look after a family of four, I can cook…okay, that’s another lie, but I can follow cooking instructions and I can make a mean roast dinner. Yup, I can do those things but the one thing I cannot tell you, is what day it is. Not unless I look it up, check the calendar or work out when the last time I knew what day it was and work from there.

It’d be great to keep this slip of brainpower to myself but as my twitter followers know, I often embarrass myself by sending out a follow Friday on Thursday, once on a Wednesday. There was definitely a Sunday too which is beyond stupid because the children didn’t have school that day so I should have known!

Tonight I reached a new low, I tweeted out that a book I’m waiting for is going to be released in four days. Which, in a way, is truenottrue. It’s being released in a month and four days. So not in four days. I knew it was being released in November but somewhere along the way, I forgot about October.

autumnForgetting about October is a crime. It’s one of the most beautiful months of the whole year. The changing leaves as the trees go through their varying stages of abscission, the smell of people burning garden debris, the darkening days – I love them. Tomorrow I’m hoping to visit the nearby forest so I can walk amongst the magic.

Soon I’ll be trawling through the shops to find my daughters a costume for Halloween, maybe one for me too this year. Lara Croft? Or maybe Maleficent. Or maybe none. A couple of years ago I decided I’d dress up as a vampire. I bought some contacts to wear and everything. It did not go down too well. I ripped a contact without realizing then put it in my eye. OW!! That hurts – I wouldn’t recommend it.

I’ve promised a Halloween party for the children this year and I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t informed my husband of this yet…. Must do that. Another thing I often do, forget to update him on plans that no doubt affect him, oopsie. Hopefully he finds it endearing, though I expect it’s nothing other than annoying. To be fair though, he can stay upstairs and watch TV, I’ll arrange all the fun stuff for the kids. I’m thinking apple bobbing (of course) jelly worms, brain lucky dip and the annual pumpkin carving, which we love. Every year we give the pumpkin a name. One year I called it Hilary, because that was the name of the dragon that ran the kids nursery. I am such a bad influence. Luckily, it’s my youngest daughters turn to name it this year.

One of the other fabulous things about October is the display the local garden center puts on. It’s terrific. We take the girls every year. They decorate a big outdoor tent with graveyards, fake dead trees, corpses and witches. They even have a water display covered in mist and lots of eerie noises that echo through the tent.

So, how could I forget October? A minor lapse. I only forgot it for a moment. Aside from Halloween there is also Nightmare on Query Street coming up which I have been getting my MS ready for, just some final edits to polish it to perfection.

And how do I forget which day it is? Simple, I don’t really care as long as I’ve done what I need to do. Oddly, I’m pretty organized, thanks to google calendar reminding me of things I have coming up. I’m just scatty right now as I edit and edit and edit.

Forgive me October, I’m sorry!



8 thoughts on “Today is October – not November

  1. No forgetting October! I love this time of year. My work usually allows employees to bring in their kids for Halloween and we get to decorate. I’m all about the homemade decorations and am constantly trying to one up myself. I used to turn my cubicle into a cave or a castle, but I lost my good cubicle walls so last year I settled for making a paper mache two-foot tall, while sitting, Linus from Charlie Brown and a bunch of pumpkins for a pumpkin patch. My favorite is still the cubicle cave being guarded by a six foot long three foot tall paper mache dragon. That was amazing.

    • Um – WOW!! I wish I could make things like that! Ii have had to make the kids projects before, I made an olympic swimming pool and it looked convincingly like an 8 year old made it!

      Your creations sound incredible!

      • Well I won’t say my stuff looks amazing, but it impresses most of my coworkers. I have a link to my original creation that someone blogged about – in December after it’d been up for a couple months – but it says where I work, so I’m afeared to share it.

  2. How cool to have a dragon running the nursery. Why didn’t I think of that … lol! I think you’re a wonderful influence and you’re building your children’s imagination, which is just as important as all those other parenting things. Or maybe that’s just my excuse, since my youngest child’s life ambition is to be one of Santa’s elves and the oldest once said he wanted to grow up so that he can get tattoo’s and ride motorcycles. Yea, I know how to raise them, don’t I?

    Your party sounds like fun! I’m sure the kids will love it! Just curious, is there really such thing as Porkie Pie? Great post, as always, I immensely enjoyed reading it.

    • Haha! Oh, well to be fair – I would love to be one of Santa’s elves too and as for the other one, you better lock him up now because if he does that when he’s older – the girls will be drooling after him!

      Porkie pie, yup – it’s called a pork pie and it’s pretty disgusting though the rest of my family love them, bleurhg. It’s roughly chopped pork in jelly wrapped in pastry – vile! lol

      Thank you for stopping by, and I am so glad you enjoyed it. I love your posts so that makes me very happy 🙂

  3. I’m sure October will forgive you. Halloween is only now becoming a ‘thing’ here in Australia, so the only thing I have to remember about October are a few family birthdays. Including my mum’s, which I did forget once (and it was her 60th!!!). Brain fades happen.

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