A rare glance inside my WIP 7.7.7

After the craziness of PitchSlam it’s nice to focus on something else. PitchSlam was great fun, full of amazing people and you’ve just got to love the slush readers and captains for providing feedback to ALL of the entrants. Slush competitions are awesome opportunities for people looking for an agent. I have met some truly lovely genuine people through slush competitions  – actually, that’s where I met my fabulous CP’s. Honestly, the benefits far outweigh the stress of the submission and the wait!

Now that PitchSlam is over, I am pleased to be taking part in 7.7.7. First of all, thank you to my amazing friend Bill. We have been friends on twitter for quite a while now and I very much enjoy chatting to him about writing, his travels and life in general. If you don’t follow Bill on WordPress or Twitter, you are missing out on talking to a great guy. I hold him in very high regard. You can check out his blog HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE.

What is 7.7.7?

7.7.7 is simply: Go to page Seven on you manuscript. Scroll down seven lines, then share the next seven pages of your WIP. As Book One is going through its final edit, I’ll be sharing seven lines of Book 2. I don’t generally do this but, it’s just a bit of fun! Please be aware that this is still a very raw WIP only in its first draft so I have yet to layer the emotions and thoughts into the dialogue! So, here they are!



“It didn’t go down very well,” I said, heat climbing my cheeks.

“It didn’t go down at all. It was disgusting,” Lucas said, leaning into me as if he were telling me a secret. I couldn’t help but laugh at him.

I pressed my hand to my mouth. I hadn’t laughed for two months. Maybe being out of bed would do me some good.

“Did I just hear the sweet sound of our Ili laughing?” Kyle asked, walking into the kitchen.

“You did,” Lucas said. “I’m giving her a cooking lesson. Care to join?”

“I’m in,” Kyle said. “What are we cooking?”

“Beef Stew,” Lucas said.


There you have it. As you can see, it still requires a LOT of work, but the bones are there!


I will update when I have a couple of people ready to share their 7. Thank you for reading and Bill – thank you for asking 🙂



4 thoughts on “A rare glance inside my WIP 7.7.7

    • LOL! Aww, I do love him. He is, without doubt, the toughest to write because of his personality but he is also the most fun to write. As the writer I should make his life easier but I’m mean LOL! I can’t wait to read yours – really CAN’T WAIT! 🙂

    • Thank you Bill. I do hope you like it but if you didn’t that’s okay. All books are totally subjective 🙂 Those 7 lines seem really non eventful! But they are important when read in context 🙂

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