My inital intention with Evageline was to write it on wattpad. However I have since overhauled the story and made some cuts. It’s in its very early stages and the first 50k words will be written for NaNoWriMo. Evangeline started out as a superhuman ridding the world of supernaturals in the present day. However this has since changed to become superhumans working to rid their city of the regime that destroyed the world.

Below is what Evangeline started out as. On a later post you will get an idea of what it became.



EVANGELINE GRAY is an Elected, part of an elite group of superhumans tasked with controlling the supernatural in the real world, keeping the knowledge of their exisence safe from humans.

Removed from society when she turned twenty-one, Evangeline’s memories were wiped as she began training to become a fearless warrior. She has given everything to the Dissident, the organization that control her and she expects nothing in return.

When the Dissident betray her, Evangeline is forced to hide in the shadows while trying to save herself, and everyone she loves.

Chapter One
The door swung outward, illuminating the street for several seconds. The target emerged in a dark suit, a blonde Bunnie wannabe hanging off his left arm. Poor bitch, she has no idea what she’s dealing with.

I waited in the cover of the alley, biding my time. A car cruised down the city street, its headlights snaking across the targets features. His dark eyes burned brightly, his fangs extended. The Bunnie babe looked up at him and he smiled, closing his mouth to hide the pearly white blades.

“Evangeline, do you have the target in your sight?” Ty’s smooth voice sounded in my ear.

Shit! He only used my full name when he was pissed at me.

“Affirmative, Tyler,” I said, using his full name to goad him.

“Well what’s he doing then? Jesus, Evangeline, you’re supposed to keep me informed.”

I rolled me eyes at his sharp tone.

“Take it easy, man,” Charlie’s voice sounded in the com in my ear. “I’m seeing everything from Evangeline’s camera. The target is still in the doorway, you can’t strike until he’s moved to a quiet location.”

I tipped my head to the heavens. Please, God, give me the strength to work with these two boneheads.

Every strike went down the same way. I scouted the target while Ty hung back and waited for the time to attack. Charlie sat in his cosy chair back at the Dissident – our headquarters – and watched the whole thing unravel through the dvr’s attached to Ty and me.

I lifted my arm and aimed at the target’s shin through the infrared. My custom made bodysuit clung to my arm. It looked a lot like leather, but it was a new material developed at the Dissident by the polymer scientists. It could withstand blades, bullets and anything with the potential to injure us, and it had a cool belt with every weapon and device I needed to take down supernatural beings. A hiss sounded from my sleeve and the tracker flew out of the alley, across the street, and attached to the targets trousers, just above his shin.

“Tracker’s attached. Target is none the wiser,” I said.

I waited a beat, no response from Charlie.

“Charlie, did you hear me?” I asked, drumming my fingers on my leg.

He responded straight away. “I heard you. Okay, tracker is online. Target is sill stationary.”

“Shit,” I hissed. I blew a small puff of air from my mouth. It billowed upwards through the crisp December air, tumbling until it disappeared.

“What?” Ty’s voice sounded urgent. “You don’t think he’s gonna do her there, do you?”

I pursed my lips. “Do her, Ty?” I asked.

“Yeah, turn her,” Ty said.

I shook my head, again, begging God to help me deal with Ty. Charlie interrupted my Silent prayer.

“Target is on the move, target is on the move.”

“Christ’s sake, Charlie, you only have to say it once,” I muttered, stepping out of the alley, in pursuit of the target.

“I heard that,” Charlie said.

“You were supposed to,” I said, shaking my head.

I moved with purpose, keeping eyes on the target. Crystallised water glimmered on the sidewalk, though I continued without hesitation, knowing I wouldn’t slip.

The target glanced behind him, eyeing me, before turning back around. Target and Bunnie babe disappeared around a corner.

“Target is running!” Charlie’s voice shrilled in my ear.


I broke out into a run, speeding around the street corner. The Bunnie babe lay ass down in a pile of garbage bags, her doe eyes darting side to side. Holding my arm out, I blew a puff of black sparkling powder from my hand, into her face. I didn’t stop to make sure it worked.

“Ty, I’ve knocked out the Bunnie, can you make sure she’s down?” I shouted, speeding down the sidewalk after the target.

“That what?” Ty shouted. I cringed.

“Charlie, fill him in,” I said, still in pursuit.

The targets jacket flapped in the breeze as he zipped through the streets. City lights and buildings went by in a blur as I matched his speed.

“Evangeline, you need to speed up,” Charlie said, after he explained the Bunnie to Ty.

“I know what I need to do,” I snapped. Trouble was, the target ran too damn fast.

He took a right into an alley. Seeing my chance, I vaulted up onto the top of the building to my right and sped across the roof. At the edge, I dropped into the alley below, right in front of the target, who slid to a halt, eyes wider than the moon above.

I straightened up, smoothing my hand through my long black hair. “Nice evening for a snack, hey, Martin?” I asked the target – Martin.

“I wasn’t going to eat her, I swear,” he said, holding his palms up.

“Sure, sure,” I said. “And you weren’t going to kill her either.” A slow smile curled my lips up.

Martins eyes narrowed, the moonlight glinting off his bright brown irises. He licked his lips. “Maybe I’ll snack on you instead. I’ve heard Immortal blood tastes sweeter than anything else.”

I shuddered at the thought of Martin putting his mouth anywhere near me. My adrenalin spiked and I raced at him, pulling an ornate mahogany stake from my belt. A gift from my trainer, Ray.

Yelling at the top of my lungs, I swung at Martin. He struck at the same time, flipping me in the air and avoiding the wrath of my stake. I landed on my feet in a crouch. Furious that he’d countered me, I roared and went at him again. Springing from the ground, I launched into the air and landed on his shoulders. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I twisted my body so my knees pressed into his back.

He pitched forward, swinging me over his head and slamming me onto the cold, hard asphalt. Pain exploded in my back and I sucked in air, struggling to breathe against the rock in my chest. Stunned, I rolled onto my front and tried to push myself from the ground. Unable to regain my composure, I collapsed, my face hitting the dirt.

Martin’s footsteps moved toward me.

“The mighty Elected. Not so mighty now, are you?” Martin sneered, bending over so his lips brushed against my ear.

My stomach rolled at the acrid aroma of blood and decay sweeping from his mouth. I curled my hand tighter around my stake.

“Eat shit,” I said, sweeping my arm out and knocking him to the floor. I sprang up with every intention and opportunity to nail the bastard in the heart to kill him, but Ty got there first. With a shrill cry, Martin’s body shook as Ty slammed his own stake into Martin’s heart. His body twitched once, then stilled, turning to a black light and dissipating into the darkness.

Ty looked over at me, beaming, pleased with himself. Not a strand of his perfect chestnut hair stood out of place, and, unlike my ragged breathing, his chest rose and fell like he hadn’t just ran seven blocks.

“I had him, Ty,” I said though gritted teeth.

“Pff, like hell you did, green eyes,” Ty said, joining me and clapping me on the back. “Admit it, I saved your ass, partner.”

“I was just about to finish him!” I said, pushing his shoulder.

I tried to pull away as he tickled my sides, but he wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me, leaving my legs dangling off the ground.

“Put me down, you moron,” I squealed, thumping my fists against his sculpted chest while trying to contain my laughter.

“We make a damn good team,” he said, placing me back down, his dark brown eyes glittering. He had a cute indent in his chin and I poked my finger into it. “Hey,” he said, batting my hand away, a huge grin on his face.

“Can you two stop horsing around and get back here. I’m starving and the mess hall’s gonna close in like, a half hour,” Charlie said.

I rolled my eyes and raised my finger to the receiver in my tragus. Charlie must’ve seen me through Ty’s camera.

“Don’t shut me off, Evangeline. It’s corndogs tonight, and I love corndogs,” Charlie said.

Ty smirked at me as I pushed the receiver, shutting out Charlie’s voice. I waited a beat before turning it back on.

“You’re such a douche,” Charlie said.

“Chill, Charles, we’re on our way,” I said.

Ty reached out his hand to me and we ran, heading in the direction of the Dissident.

“Don’t call me that!” Charlie said.

I tipped my head back and laughed. My hair whipped around my face as Ty and I streaked through the streets of Swallow City. Releasing my hand, Ty sprung into the air, landing on the building above our heads. I sprinted to the left and mirrored his manoeuvre onto the building across from him. We laughed and whooped as we switched sides, somersaulting and crossing paths in the air.

Ty and I had been partners for two years, ever since we both completed our blackout and training at the Dissident and became Immortals. Immortals aren’t born – they’re chosen and Ty and I had been chosen at the same time. I loved him, with every piece of me, but relations were forbidden. We were the dissident’s prize assets – the Elected. Electeds know all of the world’s secrets. Our job, to remove supernatural threats, was our prime and only objective.

Removed from civilisation at age twenty-one, young men and women breathe in a mist that makes them forget their past lives. As well as being trained to kick supernatural ass, we’re also injected with a concoction of drugs that make us faster, stronger and more perceptive. Electeds are superhuman and can’t die – ever.

Blackouts last anywhere from fifty to eighty years, however long it takes for the last living relative that could identify us, to die. Ty’s blackout and mine lasted seventy-seven years and when we were introduced back into society, we were beyond happy and ready to serve our organisation for as long as they wanted us.

When the line of buildings made way to a green expanse, we landed in a field, crunching frozen blades of grass under our feet. Ty took my hand again and we raced towards the Dissident, a huge underground facility. The Dissident was our training ground, our workplace and our home.

Stopping at the edge of a lake, I let go of Ty’s hand and waited for Charlie to raise the door. The peaceful water began to ripple, tiny little lines at first, turning into furious waves as the shiny silver round hatch to our home burst from the water. Without hesitation, we jumped into the murky water and made a beeline to our home.



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