Celebrating Intelligent Flash Fiction: Change the Ending

I am delighted and excited to bring you a book that separates itself from the norm. Change the Ending is a collection of informative and imaginative flash fiction from a group of in the know authors, and in my opinion, should be celebrated. Read on to find out more about this insightful and thought provoking book.

Change the Ending flash fiction collection launched – a deeply and deliberately unusual book about the future of local government in 350 words (written by people who care about it!)

23443431Change the Ending is an inspiring and intriguing collection of stories that matter – they are flash fiction tales about the future of public life. These fast and furious stories, just 350 words long, are about: assisted death, mobile libraries, heaven and hell, broken legs, parks and gardens, illegal immigrants, fraud, canal boats and bees. Always imaginative, forward thinking and often celebratory, this is a book about the future of public services and local government written by people who care about it.


Shared Press is delighted to announce the publication of Change the Ending, a unique and ground-breaking collection of flash fiction about the future of public life.  With 42 contributors, many working at a senior level in the public sector, the 350-word stories cover topics ranging from financial crisis, immigration and outsourcing, to planning, environmental protection and mobile libraries, by way of superheroes and bees – but all grapple with the complexities of the choices currently facing public services and, crucially, seek to provide alternative scenarios for the future.

A-photo-portrait-of-Dawn--008Dawn Reeves, writer and creative consultant, initiated the project and curated the collection. She says, “My challenge to writers, many of whom hadn’t written fiction before, was to bring fresh, creative thinking to a critical national debate about the future of the public sector. People really rose to that challenge and I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the stories that were submitted. I think readers will be, too, because these are stories that matter.”


Derrick Anderson, Chief Executive of Lambeth Council, is one of the contributors, and he comments, “What an extraordinary and engaging collection, brimming with commitment, creativity and content! Anyone interested in the future of the public sector should take note of the ideas you’ll find in these stories.”

Further information

Here’s an article that the Guardian ran with 3 taster stories.

For more details, contact Dawn Reeves at dawn@dawnreeves.com or see the Shared Press website, where a selection of the stories, plus new, unpublished stories, will be appearing over the coming weeks.

You can buy Change the Ending from amazon.

You can also follow Dawn on Twitter! Furry-Cushion-Twitter_128


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