New Release: 257 Ways to Fix the USA by Jake Devlin

I am seriously, so very excited to bring you a blog post about Jake Devlin’s new release 257 Ways to Fix the USA. As a huge fan and friend of Jake Devlin, I already know before reading it how wonderful it’s going to be. If you’ve read The Devlin Deception, you’ll already be privy to elements of this book and 257 Ways to Fix the USA is a no-nonsense summary of the policies put into place once Gordon Donne came into power.

With a style all of his very own and a unique way of sorting through the world, every word written by Jake Devlin will guarantee to have your eyes glued to the page. A literary genius, in my view, this is the man that brought us Devlin Sub Rosa, a book entirely built on dialogue with a clever spin about the narrators being on strike. He’s one to watch, his books are ones to read and his personality is one to be admired.

blurb257FrontCvr-210BorFor policy wonks and political science students, this
mini-book is an excerpt of some of the policies instituted
by Gordon Donne in “The Donne Deal,” after he bought
(legally) the United States government, fired Congress,
the President and the Supreme Court, and took over all
legislative, executive and judicial responsibilities. (Taken
from his first televised speech, in Chapter 5 of that book.)

“The Donne Deal” is a work of fiction, with elements of action, espionage,
sex and humor, but Donne’s serious policies are distilled into this mini-book
(about 20 pages), with none of that “fluff,” as some might call it, included.

“A dictator with total authority, like Donne, should also have the wisdom
to exercise that authority sparingly.” Agree or disagree? Do his policies
follow that dictum? And what other questions or discussion topics might
this mini-book raise in the readers’ minds?

To buy 252 Ways to Fix the USA from Amazon US click here or from Amazon UK, click here.

About“Jake Devlin” is the pseudonym of a passively gregarious (and very wise) twenty-plus-year resident of the city of Bonita Springs, Florida, nestled between Naples and Ft. Myers on the beautiful blue-green Gulf of Mexico.

His 45-year background as an actor, playwright, director, television writer and producer, investor, trader, court reporter and in defense intelligence and security (he can’t discuss that any further) gives him a unique perspective on the world (no more nor less unique than anybody else’s, of course, but most assuredly different), and he brings that (along with his ongoing sense of amusement at it all) to his writing and to his life.

He enjoys challenging readers’ brains and tickling their funnybones, and he gleefully rides roughshod over literary clichés and conventions while gently seducing his readers into emotional roller-coaster rides, with mind-bending twists and turns, in all of his work (well, in most of it, to be accurate).

Happily retired and gloatingly distant from his earlier domiciles in northern climes, he sets his novels in and around the placid beaches of Bonita Springs, with hopes (on a MUCH smaller scale, of course; he doesn’t take himself too seriously) to do for Bonita what Randy Wayne White has done for Sanibel with his Doc Ford books: put it on the literary map.

As for influences, he points to White, Dorsey, Fitzhugh, Buffett, Clancy, Laffer, Pirandello, Rollins, Grisham, Eisler, Hicks, Cussler, Machiavelli, McElhatton, Brown, Baldacci, Borge and hundreds of other economists, authors, philosophers, traders and comedians, most of whose names he’s QH’d (Quarterheimered; forgotten). Oh, Ludlum, too. And whatsisname …ah, right. Shakespeare. And Pinter and the other … oh, Beckett. Seinfeld, too. And Friedman, Monty Python and the Smothers Brothers.

He ages mostly comfortably (other than that Quarterheimer’s thing) in Bonita Springs (at least when he’s on his meds; when he’s not, he writes).

(By the way, that parenthetical about his meds is just a joke; he only takes a multivitamin and an aspirin each day. But he does use self-defecating humor often; he just can’t resist it. And please don’t inquire further into his work in the intelligence/security fields. He knows seventeen ways to kill using just his earlobes.)
(Oops; that was a typo; it’s actually only seven ways.)

You can follow Jake Devlin on Twitter by clicking the icon below.


Book 1: The Devlin Deception

DecepFront-300BordWhen Jake Devlin, a mellow, laid-back beach bum, begins writing a controversial novel about Gordon Donne, a reclusive, iconoclastic billionaire who buys the United States and sets out to fix all of its problems on behalf of “We, The People,” he knows that Donne’s autocratic but well-thought-out and common-sense policies will rub corrupt politicians, lobbyists, businessmen, televangelists, speculators, union and mob bosses and hundreds of other greedy power players the wrong way … dangerously so.

But when Jake is confronted on the beach in Bonita Springs, Florida, about his background and motives for writing the book, little does he know that his relaxed lifestyle will inexorably be driven into confusion,chaos, paranoia (for good reasons) and a few unbelievably exotic interludes.

A black helicopter, assassination plots, death threats, betrayals, extortion, bribery, ditzy beach bunnies and scrumptious brownies complicate his life and embroil him in a complex web of intrigue with a beautiful woman who may or may not be haunted by a deep, dark and painful secret.

But is Jake carrying his own deep and possibly dark secret? Begin your journey through this absurdist blend of fiction and reality (and some obligatory gratuitous eroticism) and see for yourself.

To buy The Devlin Deception on Amazon US, click here. Or, for UK click here.

Book 2: Devlin’s Defiance

DefFront-300BorderThis sequel begins about a week after “The Devlin Deception” ends, with many of the familiar characters (and several new ones) from that novel in multiple new adventures.More action, more erotica, less politics, and more fun than in “The Devlin Deception.”

Like that novel, much of the story in this one is set in and around Bonita Springs, Florida, but also in many, many MANY other exotic locales around the world.

The author continues to play with the boundaries between fiction, reality and more fiction (like that’s a surprise!).

We don’t want to say more here, since this book IS a spoiler for that one, and we strongly suggest that you read it before you start in on this one.

To buy Devlin’s Defiance on Amazon US click here. Or, for UK, click here.

Book 3: Devlin Sub Rosa

subrosajpgA sequel AND prequel to the first two novels in the series,with most of the characters who remain after the carnage of “Devlin’s Defiance.” (Oops. Was that a spoiler? Hmm. Not really — well, mostly not really.)

Like those novels, parts of the story in this one are set in and around Bonita Springs, and the author continues to play with the boundaries between fiction, reality and more fiction (again, not much of a surprise). But in this one, not only does he “push the envelope,” as the old saying goes, he gleefully leaps far beyond it.

And the reasons behind the author’s use of a pseudonym may be revealed, in spite of his objections. (Hint: The CIA and/or NSA may be interested in this … or perhaps not. After all, these novels ARE total fiction — well, mostly.)

To buy Devlin Sub Rosa on Amazon US, click here. Or, for Amazon UK, click here.


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