My New Years Eve

Happy New Year everyone!!


I hope you all had both a wonderful evening and a great start to 2015. My new years eve was fun. I started out the day early, getting up so I could take my eldest daughter to see Mockingjay Pt 1. The film was great but I had to nip to the ladies room half way after drinking a barrel of coke and on my way back to my seat I rather ungraciously fell up the stairs in front of a packed cinema full of people. Awesome.


After that I took Abbie to McDonald’s as a treat. I didn’t eat anything there, not because I was trying to be healthy, nope! Because I planned to nip into Subway on the way home and get my favorite food – Steak sub with jalapenos and chipotle sauce, yum!

Once I got home we settled down to watch TV and brought the new year in watching the fireworks go off both outside and the amazing fireworks in London, which they show on TV every year. Monty (the dog) got all whiny, not because he’s scared of fireworks – he loves them, so he whinged until we let him out to see them and was one happy chappie after.

All in all it was pretty uneventful and probably sounds a bit like this post – boring, but it was nice and peaceful. What did you all get up to?


16 thoughts on “My New Years Eve

    • Thank you!! Oh, how I hope they didn’t!! It was the second step though, right in front of the screen so I’m not sure if it illuminated my face. Happy New Year to you too!! πŸ™‚

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