A Wonderful Collection of Short Stories

I am seriously excited about this book because it contains a short story from my good friend Bill. He’s super talented and I’m over the moon that his story has been included in this superb collection.

liipharLiphar are proud to present a second collection of 20 short stories by 20 different authors. The stories may have or will appear in past or future issues of LIPHAR magazine. Most of the authors presented here have an extensive portfolio of other books and stories that you may want to check out.
From heart warming family situations to the totally bizarre , including aliens worlds and ideas, you will find stories that get your attention.
The stories cover a wide genre and offer a cross-section of writing talents. We have not edited the stories in any way and are publishing them as we have received them.
We hope you enjoy the stories as we also hope to publish many volumes of short stories.

You can buy this from Amazon USA and Amazon UK – and, it’s only 99p/99c!


3 thoughts on “A Wonderful Collection of Short Stories

  1. Thank you so much Em! My aunt just bought it and read it for the first time. Since she is retired (she was a teacher), she reads quite often. She sent me the kindest email about my story and had already read a few of the other stories. I’m just happy to get something out there. It’s kind of cool seeing my in the list of authors, lol.

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