A Crazy, Fun Day

Without a doubt, yesterday was one of the funnest days I’ve had in a while. As you all know, I gave away Fractured Immortal for one day only. I expected about 100 copies to be downloaded from the Kindle store – that’s what people told me to expect. Imagine my surprise when everything exploded.


The giveaway started at midnight Pacific standard time – over here, that’s 8am. By the time I buggered off to bed for the night, I was sitting at #9 in the UK Vampire fiction kindle chart, #42 in the US Vampire fiction chart and as Jake kindly pointed out, #37 in the US Wizards&Witches fiction chart.


Like the geek that I am, every time I settled on the same page as one of my favorite authors, ahem, I took a screenshot. No shame here. You all know what a little weirdo I am anyway.

Some people don’t like to give away their books because of all the work they’ve put into it. I wanted to give away my book for that very reason, I wanted more people to read the world and people I had created, and now they will. Hey, if I was in it for the money, I’d bugger off and be a doctor.

So, yesterday was a crazy fun day that I enjoyed very much. Thank you to all of you that downloaded and I really hope you enjoy it.




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