105 Reading Challenge 2015

This year, I’m taking part in a reading challenge created by Nori. l-4The 105 Challenge is a goal where I’m going to try and read 105 books during 2015. I got the number 105 by taking 12 (months in a year), adding two to make 14 (for absolutely no reason), then doing 14 + 13 + 12 +  11 + 10 + 9 + 8…+ 1.

In one respect, this challenge is easy for me. I can read 105 books in a year, in fact I can read more and I will have to read more because I review on several review sites and those books I can’t add to this, so maybe I’m making things more difficult for myself – not maybe, I am, but what the heck!

So here goes. The categories I’ll be reading are listed below. Genrally, I’m a New Adult junkie, but I have to pull away from that a little so I can mix it up a bit. I hope this remains enjoyable, it’s never easy stepping outside of the comfort zone, but I’m going to go for it and something tells me, I’ll be happy I did!

In a little twist, I’m going to make sure I leave reviews on amazon/goodreads for every single book I read.

So, here’s the categories:

14 New Adult (obvious, eh?)

13 Ebooks

12 Contemporary/Paranormal Romance

11 Books recommended to me

10 Indie Author’s

9 Books from a series

8 Books made into movies

7 Books from a debut Indie Author

6 Young Adult

5 Middle Grade

4 Short Story Collections

3 New Releases

2 Re-read

1 Horror

So that’s my list! The one on the bottom causes goosebumps to prickle on my skin – eek!




4 thoughts on “105 Reading Challenge 2015

  1. I’ve seen a variation of these challenges, but most are very specific of what you do and don’t have to read. This one seems more open. I’m sure you’ll have no problem completing this! Good luck!

    • Nori was kind enough to let us choose our variations, though I know I’ll struggle with the YA. I know there are loads of great YA books out there, but you know how much I love NA!

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