Message in a Bottle

I think most people know what the 14th of February is – it’s Valentine’s day. The day of love etc etc.


I have a significant other – therefore I think it’s kind of expected that we celebrate it in some way. Now my husband, he’s one of these people that think Valentine’s day is commercialized crap, which maybe on the face of it, it is. But when you go deeper, it’s more. So much more. I’m a romantic through and through. I have watched nearly every romantic comedy made in the last two decades, read tonnes of romance books and when I listen to a song – it’s not the tune I’m listening to – it’s the words. Always the words.

I don’t know the numbers of how many people spent the day with the man or woman they love, how many girls hearts pitter-pattered when they discovered that Valentine’s card they so wanted, how many newly formed couples went all out to do something special, how many men or women clasped their sweaty palms around an all important little box and popped the question, how many teenagers or adults wished upon a star that the boy or man they really like would do something, anything, to show he felt the same. Or indeed vice versa.

To me it’s about hope, new love, old love, unrequited love and sadly, broken hearts. I adore everything the day encompasses, even the sad bits because they make me feel. But I’ve never really said it out loud. I’m not a ‘talk about my feeling’s’ kind of person. Generally, we don’t really do anything to celebrate Valentine’s day – it passes us by year after year, and we just let it.

This morning, a delivery truck pulled up outside our house. We live on a small street, nice, quiet – only eight houses. I thought the delivery was for my best friend who lives next door but one. Nope. The driver dude climbed out of his van, dissappeared into the back with his legs waggling out the door and emerged with a long, rectangular box – then he opened my gate and trundled down the path. As someone who occasionally reviews stuff or enters a competition or two, I wondered Ooo, what have I won? I even told my husband I must have won something.

I did not. Nor was it something to review.

I can count on half a hand how many people I have told this, but for the past few years, my husband has been rather unwell and I’ve done my very best to look after him. Now – I’m not a Florence Nightingale, so don’t go thinking I am. I’m as far opposite of a domestic goddess that you can get. He’s the better half, for sure. Anyway, inside the package was this:


It’s a bottle with sand and shells covering the bottom. If you know me, you’ll know how perfect this is for me. It has little bits of sand in it – and shells! Little bits of the natural world that I love so much. But if you look in the middle, that’s a scroll. A message. And that message thanked me for just being there, by his side throughout.

That little bottle, with those tiny shells and even tinier grains of sand, sends a huge message. A message in a bottle, to me, from the man I love. There is nothing more perfect. He’s also taking me to see 50 Shades of Grey the week after next, which is an amazing and selfless thing to do, because he hates it!

So what did I get my husband? *Hangs head in shame. Nothing – I am the worst wife ever! Luckily, I have a chance to redeem myself. It’s our 15th anniversary in eleven days (we got married when we were eighteen), so I better get planning!!

Happy Valentine’s day to you all and if you haven’t got a special someone, I hope this time next year your heart is pitter-pattering.


8 thoughts on “Message in a Bottle

  1. I’ll admit, I was crying half way through this before you ever got to the good part. Way to go Ricky!

    Dwayne and I had this conversation today. Like you, we don’t always do something special. Occasionally we’ll go out, but many times the day passes with a simple “Happy Valentines.” Honestly I’m okay with that. Flowers are expensive and I can think of a million other ways to spend the money, but this year he did surprise me with flowers. 14 red roses for the # of years we’ve been married. A yellow rose in memory of the baby we lost and two carnations honoring the boys we have here with us. Of course I was flabbergasted, that not only did he send flowers, but he took the time to make them meaningful. He asked me today if it bothered me that he doesn’t do things like that more often. My answer- not at all. Because it makes the times that he does so much more special.

    By the way, he proposed to me 17 years ago today. Although he denies it, I’ve always been convinced he did so simply because he was shipping off to Kuwait a few days later. At 21, I thought those 6 months would be the hardest of my life. Just goes to show that if you really want to make something work, you can.

    And in case I forget – Happy Anniversary! Time to put on that thinking cap and do something amazing – he deserves it!

    • Wow – Dwayne’s gift to you is truly, TRULY, incredible. How thoughtful, it’s taken my breath away, it really has. AND he proposed to you on Valentine’s day 17 years ago – WOW! Aww. Funny that he did it just before deploying to Kuwait. Ricky did it just before deploying to Northern Ireland then we rushed our wedding through so I could join him – crazy teenagers! I’m sitting here trying to reply, but I can’t stop thinking about Dwayne’s beautiful gift to you. How perfect. And thank you for the Happy Anniversary – I really had better come up with something EPIC! Oh, the pressure is on. And thank you for sharing your story – amazing 🙂 ❤

  2. How lovely! I’m sorry your husband hasn’t been well and hope he’s on the mend, thanks to your care and devotion 🙂 I hope you spent a lovely day together. You will love 50 Shades, if you’re a fan. We saw it yesterday and it was great 🙂 I’m sure you will think of a good way to celebrate your wedding anniversary in style. Whatever you do, enjoy it xx

    • Thank you, Julie! I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. I can’t wait to see the film! I still haven’t worked out what I’m going to do for our Anniversary – but it’ll come to me at some point, I hope!

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