Screen Characters Blog Hop

The idea behind this blog hop, is to name my favorite Movie and TV characters then nominate others to do the same. I’m going to take what I now call ‘The Dena’ and just invite others to do the same if they want to, then I’ll link you up if wanted too. Dena recently posted hers and I loved reading them, you can read them here. So, now I’m going to do mine, becauseĀ  – how awesome!

Felicity Smoak – Arrow.


She’s awesome. A computer geek and an all round sweetheart, there is nothing to dislike about this woman. Plus – she’s really good at keeping secrets.

Maggie Smith


Ah – I love Maggie Smith. Such a talented actress. She appears in some of my favorite films – Sister Act 1&2, Hook and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It’s impossible to pick which portrayal I love the most.

Mrs Doubtfire


This film!!! I loved it as a child, I love it even more now. The magic of Mr Robin Williams will never, ever fade. I read the book when I was young and I didn’t realize until I watched the film that Mrs Doubtfire was actually the dad – and everyone used to say what a bright child I was – yeah right!



I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched He’s Just Not That Into You. I love that film and Ginnifer/Jennifer Goodwin is so adorable in it.

John Coffey

film The Green Mile

Oh – this film. *Sobs* If you haven’t ever seen this film, you really should. John Coffey is a sweet, harmless and magical man, imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. *Sobs again*

Fat Amy


Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect. She is SO hilarious and had me crying with laughter at times. “Whoomp there it is.” I can’t WAIT for Pitch Perfect 2.



This dude is CRAY CRAY!! Who – WHO in their right mind would not only pretend to be a cop, but then buy a cruiser, conduct surveillance and try to take down a hardened criminal. That guy up there would – with hilarious consequences. Let’s Be Cops is quite possibly one of the funniest movies I have EVER seen.

Lara Croft


I’m not really a huge fan of the films, but I am a HUGE fan of Lara Croft. I want to BE her. I have played every game on the Playstation then Xbox. I made the move to Xbox just so I could play Xbox exclusive DLC. I am one of the worlds best online mulitplayer’s on the xbox one on Tomb Raider 2013. Lord knows how, because I spend a lot of the time suspended in rope traps. Luck, probably. I even put a tiny Xbox easter egg in each of my books. I love Lara.

Indiana Jones


The first movie I ever saw in the cinema, also – my first crush. I LOVE Indiana Jones. Love, love, love. I want to be him too, but I’m missing an appendage, so maybe not. My husband always jokes that I crush on the geeky guys and it’s ALL Indiana Jones fault.

Roy Harper


He rose from the slums of The Glades to serve up justice in the form of arrows and kickassery. I struggled whether to have Oliver Queen or Roy Harper as this last one, but went with Roy because of his journey. I wonder if I can recruit Roy and Felicity onto my Vigilante team?

So – that is my lot! All of these characters I love. This has been one of the most fun blog posts I’ve done in a while – thank you Dena!