A peek at my WIP ‘Finding Immortal’ and my battle with ‘the pit’

For the last few days I’ve been in a funk. You know that point where you can no longer form a coherent sentence? Where any words you string together are a bit crap, or even a lot crap. And even those times where you seem to be able to kill it when writing dialogue but as soon as you need to add the action, reaction, emotion, you fall on your ass and pick yourself up only to rather unceremoniously face plant the floor? That stage of writing – that’s where I’m at. In that dark little pit trying to claw my way out. Of course, the faster I claw, the further I slip so maybe some quiet contemplation is needed. Hmm.

I keep reading and rereading my earlier chapters and thinking – hey, I wrote that, I like it – so why can’t I do it anymore? I dunno. We all get to this stage though, that’s for sure. Then, at some point, something strikes and we can do it again. I’m waiting for that moment, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a little bit of my WIP because one of my cp’s tagged me to do so. So here’s the opening of Finding Immortal – it’s still a little rough around the edges and there’s stuff I need to add per my amazing cp’s advice.

Finding Immortal

The text notification from my cellphone cut into my thoughts with the sharpness of a razors edge. Another message from Alex. I knew without casting so much as a glance at the screen. It was always him. Lana preferred email and sent me pictures of whatever country she’d chosen to gallivant through that week. I tipped my head back, staring into the sky above the Mallory estate. Clouds, heavy with the weight of unfallen snow, hung low, threatening to explode at any moment.

Lucas shifted next to me on the cold porch steps. “Aren’t you going to read it?” His breath billowed into the air, mixing with the muted light of the frosty morning.

Shaking my head, I pulled my phone from my jeans pocket and tossed it to Lucas. “No point.” Alex’s messages only ever consisted of one letter, a simple ‘x’, and though I’d replied on several occasions, asking how and where he was, he never responded.

Lucas slipped my cell into the front pocket of his green hoodie.

I tried to take a deep breath, but the familiar stabbing at my chest prevented anything more than a small inhale. For the past three months, the simplest of things hurt, opening my eyes each morning ranking amongst the most painful. My mind began to fog, pulling me back to the night of the ferocious battle with Sol and Selena. The night the colors in my world had paled to barely recognizable blurs of insignificance. Nathaniel’s face flashed and I clawed at the memory, desperate to hold it strong and unwavering, but as always, it faded to obscurity.

I raised my head as the crunch of hurried footsteps sounded across the yard of the Mallory estate. Kyle’s black hair lay flat and damp against his forehead, his maroon t-shirt and gray sweatpants bearing the sweat patches of his run. As he drew closer, he pulled his earphones from his ears and whipped off his top, then used it to scrub the moisture from his face.

Lucas rose from the steps to greet him. “Just in time, breakfast’s ready.”

Kyle slung his t-shirt across one shoulder and used his other hand to rub his taught stomach. “Good, I’m starving.”

Lucas pushed the front door open and stepped inside.

Kyle held his hand out to me. “You coming?”

I dropped my gaze to the ground. “No, I’m not hungry.”

One, two, three. I counted the maroon stripes on Kyle’s sneakers, at the same time, wondering when he’d begun to color co-ordinate his wardrobe.

“Tough shit, babe. You’re eating.” Kyle grasped my wrist and pulled me from my perch. I landed with a thud against his solid chest.

So I’ve kinda killed two birds with one stone(<<< ooo – a cliché, I should know better). I’ve talked about my feelings without talking about my feelings and I’ve shared some words. Now I’m off to stare out of the window. Hope the rest of you are coming along well in your writing endeavors!

Message in a Bottle

I think most people know what the 14th of February is – it’s Valentine’s day. The day of love etc etc.


I have a significant other – therefore I think it’s kind of expected that we celebrate it in some way. Now my husband, he’s one of these people that think Valentine’s day is commercialized crap, which maybe on the face of it, it is. But when you go deeper, it’s more. So much more. I’m a romantic through and through. I have watched nearly every romantic comedy made in the last two decades, read tonnes of romance books and when I listen to a song – it’s not the tune I’m listening to – it’s the words. Always the words.

I don’t know the numbers of how many people spent the day with the man or woman they love, how many girls hearts pitter-pattered when they discovered that Valentine’s card they so wanted, how many newly formed couples went all out to do something special, how many men or women clasped their sweaty palms around an all important little box and popped the question, how many teenagers or adults wished upon a star that the boy or man they really like would do something, anything, to show he felt the same. Or indeed vice versa.

To me it’s about hope, new love, old love, unrequited love and sadly, broken hearts. I adore everything the day encompasses, even the sad bits because they make me feel. But I’ve never really said it out loud. I’m not a ‘talk about my feeling’s’ kind of person. Generally, we don’t really do anything to celebrate Valentine’s day – it passes us by year after year, and we just let it.

This morning, a delivery truck pulled up outside our house. We live on a small street, nice, quiet – only eight houses. I thought the delivery was for my best friend who lives next door but one. Nope. The driver dude climbed out of his van, dissappeared into the back with his legs waggling out the door and emerged with a long, rectangular box – then he opened my gate and trundled down the path. As someone who occasionally reviews stuff or enters a competition or two, I wondered Ooo, what have I won? I even told my husband I must have won something.

I did not. Nor was it something to review.

I can count on half a hand how many people I have told this, but for the past few years, my husband has been rather unwell and I’ve done my very best to look after him. Now – I’m not a Florence Nightingale, so don’t go thinking I am. I’m as far opposite of a domestic goddess that you can get. He’s the better half, for sure. Anyway, inside the package was this:


It’s a bottle with sand and shells covering the bottom. If you know me, you’ll know how perfect this is for me. It has little bits of sand in it – and shells! Little bits of the natural world that I love so much. But if you look in the middle, that’s a scroll. A message. And that message thanked me for just being there, by his side throughout.

That little bottle, with those tiny shells and even tinier grains of sand, sends a huge message. A message in a bottle, to me, from the man I love. There is nothing more perfect. He’s also taking me to see 50 Shades of Grey the week after next, which is an amazing and selfless thing to do, because he hates it!

So what did I get my husband? *Hangs head in shame. Nothing – I am the worst wife ever! Luckily, I have a chance to redeem myself. It’s our 15th anniversary in eleven days (we got married when we were eighteen), so I better get planning!!

Happy Valentine’s day to you all and if you haven’t got a special someone, I hope this time next year your heart is pitter-pattering.

The Vampire of Vancouver by Liz Meldon


After reading book one in the Lovers and Liars series: The Manead of Manhattan – I was delighted to be able to read this prior to release and I can honestly say – it’s excellent, I really love it.

tvAphrodite, goddess of love and lust, is not impressed. After giving up her penthouse suite in trendy Manhattan to go monster hunting around the world, she finds herself in a sad hotel room in Vancouver with a decidedly distracted Loki. She hadn’t expected this job to be so serious, and her Norse partner isn’t exactly bowing to her whims these days. What was the point in coming with him if they weren’t beneath the sheets all hours of the day? It seems like such a waste of sexual compatibility. Humph.

Meanwhile, Loki, Norse trickster, is equally unimpressed. He hadn’t thought taking on a beautiful partner would make his work so difficult. Her unfocused energy grates on his nerves, and his lust for her is only surpassed by his desire for more godly power. He will complete this job, whether she likes it or not, and he’ll walk away one step closer to regaining his old abilities. Now, if only he can get his partner to focus on the task at hand, not seduction. Ridiculous woman.

Aphrodite and Loki, an unlikely team if there ever was one, find themselves in the City of Vancouver hunting vampires. The job is pretty straightforward: rescue the damsel, kill the monster. Unfortunately, even the easiest of jobs hardly ever go according to plan.

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If you haven’t read Book 1 The Maenad of Manhattan – you can grab that here:

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aboutLiz is a Canadian author who grew up in the Middle East. She has a degree in Bioarchaeology from Western University, and when she isn’t writing about her own snarky characters, she is ghostwriting romance novellas, loitering on social media, or taking care of animals.

As a freelance ghostwriter, she has written eleven romance novellas, eight of which have been published and are doing well. She loves writing realistic characters in fantastical settings.

Catch up with Liz Meldon on her blog, Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook

Free on Kindle today: The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants by Lori L. Clark


the heart knowsEstelle “Star” Falconé, a thirty-year-old tattooed bartender, was once a free-spirited dreamer who dabbled in astrology for fun and secretly dreamed of becoming a rock-star some day.

Twenty-one-year-old Shane Harper was once the star of his high school basketball team. With a full ride scholarship, his dream was to play college basketball and study astronomy. When a tragic car accident permanently sidelines his basketball career, college is out of the question.

Sparks fly when their two worlds collide.

Can a relationship survive between a thirty-year-old starry-eyed woman who’s on the run from an extremely dangerous man, and a twenty-one-year-old science guy who’s hell-bent on protecting her at all cost?

***Caution*** This book is not suitable for young readers. It is intended for mature adults only (18+) containing adult situations, non-consensual sex, and violence. This is a full-length, standalone novel.

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From Here to Nashville by Julie Stock

I’m really excited to show you the cover and blurb for Julie Stock’s debut novel. It’s exactly the kind of book that I like to read and I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on it. You can preorder it now, using the links below!

fh2n_From Here to Nashville is a contemporary romance novel with a country music theme.

Can Music Really Bring People Together?

Rachel Hardy dreams of being a successful country music singer in Nashville’s Music City, four thousand miles away from her lonely life in Dorset.

When Jackson Phillips, an independent record label owner, encourages her band to audition for a nationwide ‘Open Mic’ competition, she decides they have nothing to lose.

But when she starts to fall in love with Jackson, the stakes suddenly get higher and she finds herself with a great big dilemma on her hands. Should she abandon her dream and take the easy way out or should she leave the life she has always known behind and take a gamble on a man who has personal demons of his own?

Follow Rachel and Jackson as they learn to trust in love again and to see whether music really can bring them together.

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julieJulie Stock is an author of contemporary romance novels and short stories. If you would like to keep up-to-date with news of her forthcoming releases, you can sign up here:

She blogs about her path to publication on her website, ‘My Writing Life’. She is a proud member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers’ Scheme and is a Member of The Alliance of Independent Authors. You can also connect with her via her Facebook Author Page and on Twitter.

When she is not writing, she works part-time as a teacher. She is married with two teenage daughters and lives with her family in Bedfordshire in the UK.

A Crazy, Fun Day

Without a doubt, yesterday was one of the funnest days I’ve had in a while. As you all know, I gave away Fractured Immortal for one day only. I expected about 100 copies to be downloaded from the Kindle store – that’s what people told me to expect. Imagine my surprise when everything exploded.


The giveaway started at midnight Pacific standard time – over here, that’s 8am. By the time I buggered off to bed for the night, I was sitting at #9 in the UK Vampire fiction kindle chart, #42 in the US Vampire fiction chart and as Jake kindly pointed out, #37 in the US Wizards&Witches fiction chart.


Like the geek that I am, every time I settled on the same page as one of my favorite authors, ahem, I took a screenshot. No shame here. You all know what a little weirdo I am anyway.

Some people don’t like to give away their books because of all the work they’ve put into it. I wanted to give away my book for that very reason, I wanted more people to read the world and people I had created, and now they will. Hey, if I was in it for the money, I’d bugger off and be a doctor.

So, yesterday was a crazy fun day that I enjoyed very much. Thank you to all of you that downloaded and I really hope you enjoy it.



My Gift to You

For all the people so used to seeing me going on and on about Fractured Immortal, I’m sorry , but wait! Y’all know how much love I put into it. How I bled, cried, damaged my spine and continue to spend most of my life with my eyes open rather than lose precious hours of creativity to the sleep boat (which has well and truly sailed). And for what?

For this. paperbackfront It was for this.

And now – for 24 hours, you can see what all the fuss was about, because it’s


Really, truly


And for those of you new to my blog, aside from HELLO! Here is a quick rundown of Fractured Immortal and the links to grab a copy are below it.

FIAfter a terrifying vampire attack in 1810, Ilia Rose spent the next two centuries hunting Sol, the man responsible for turning her and her friends into vampires.

When Ilia discovers he’s run to the one place she’s running from, she’s forced to face her most painful memories back in her hometown, Bearwood.

There, Ilia finds herself face to face with Nathaniel, an insanely hot vampire, and despite the evidence he’s working for her enemy, Ilia can’t fight her attraction to him, especially when he seems to show up whenever she needs him most.

But Nathaniel is keeping secrets and as they begin to unravel, instead of running away from him, Ilia finds herself falling for him. When his last secret is revealed Ilia’s past comes together in a way she never imagined and she’s left with only one option: trust Nathaniel to help her kill Sol, or risk relinquishing her new found strength thus causing catastrophic and devastating consequences for her and everyone she loves.

Ilia begins a gut-wrenching battle to save her life and the lives of her friends, a battle which not everyone will survive.

A vampire tale like none other, love, pain, devastation and revenge, all weave together to create the first in a dark and unmissable new adult series.

Fractured Immortal
From 12am PST Fractured Immortal will be available free for 24 hours only! Grab your copy now and if you could tell your friends – I’d be super duper happy, thank you 🙂 And if you could reblog, wow, I’d be forever your servant 😀
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My First Short Story

I finally wrote a short story. I’m actually really happy that I did it as I thought it an impossible task. But here it is and I would love to know what you think, please!

Stepping Out


The stupid word ran through my head again, playing over and over. I flicked my gaze to the window, tipping my head to the side as I observed my outer sanctum. Yellow petals danced in the breeze, waving to the stray dandelion heads as they floated by. The glare of the bright sun bounced off the lush grass; still healthy despite the sweltering heat. Several gardening tools lay dotted across the trail of stones leading to the forest that hugged the edge of my backyard. The branches from the huge pines shuddered.

Rising up from my chair, I slipped out the side door to answer the forest’s beckon, my brown hair swaying around my hips.

My bare feet padded over warm soil as I brushed past the row of perennials. The scent of pine, earth and lavender played a delicate tune in my nostrils. When I reached the end of my yard, I flipped the catch on the rusting Iron Gate. From the moment I stepped into the forest, a blanket of serenity shrouded me. Lost. Like hell. Still, the psychologist’s words played again through my mind.

“Evelyn, I believe it is now fully apparent that you have become disconnected from humanity. You continuously refuse to see the good in people, disillusioned by your broken heart.”

Pff, yeah right. My heart had long healed, bringing with it an iron cast shield. Yet every time I retreated to the shelter of the forest, another small chink appeared in my armor. With slow assured steps, I travelled the path now worn from my bare feet beating into it. My white sundress kissed across my knees as my heart pulled me toward my destination.

“Evelyn.” The psychologist’s words reared their head in my mind again. “You have cut yourself off from any form of human contact, content to wallow in the misery that, quite frankly, you are bringing upon yourself.”

My skin prickled with irritation. My ex-husband had forced the solitude upon me, taking custody of our friends as if they were our children. Have at it. Not one had believed me when I told them the truth; he had been the serial cheat in our relationship, not me. I had passed the sorrow stage of losing those friends within days of our separation. Friendships’ I had thought were forged with infallible strength, cracked, then shattered under the weight of truth. With a blessed clarity, I pulled away from those people.

The bubbling of the small stream pulled me back to the present. Taking a deep breath of the summer air, I allowed the wash of earth, wood, and pine to cleanse its way through my system. Closing my eyes, I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth. The corners of my mouth tugged, insisting on breaking out into a smile. I tipped my head back, savoring the tranquility of nature. Nature couldn’t hurt me – it wouldn’t. We were one. We were the same. Just leave us be. We could look after ourselves without interference.

Padding forward, I made my way to the gentle river. Water skirted the small rocks jutting up from the riverbed, barely breaking the surface. Kneeling down, I rested on my side and settled into the soft moss underneath. I pushed my hand into the water, savoring the cool swirl around my fingers. Cicada’s sung songs of love, calling to the other half of their souls. Birds chirped a melodious tune from the green canopy overhead. Branches reached out, extending to the touch of their neighbors. I lifted my head in the direction of a rustling across the stream. Two squirrels pattered through fern, dancing to the tune of an emotion as old as time itself. Emotion. The stupid psychologist’s words sliced into my peaceful resolve.

“You show little to no emotion, Evelyn. Your ability to trust has dipped so low that if you continue on this path, you will inevitably end up alone.”

You are never alone. The trees whispered words of comfort and belonging, draping me in their protective caress. I stretched out my toes, waiting for the signal to move. On cue, the strike of metal against wood permeated the air, sending my heart into a wild flutter. Scraping my tanned legs across the soft earth, I rose from my resting place. The breeze pushed against the small of my back, urging me forward. Sinking my foot into the river, I sighed as the water rolled across my ankles. I waded through the crystal clear liquid until my toes touched against the soft moss on the other side.

The breeze eased me forward again, ushering me toward the sound. With each step, it grew louder, until only a small gathering of tall fern blocked me from the heavenly being on the other side. As I moved to part the fronds, the wind rustled them and they kissed the back of my hands. I widened the curtain, exposing the view I’d been searching for.

On the other side of the treeline, long arms glistened as they lifted and fell with each strike of the axe. His muscles strained with each movement, biceps bunching then releasing against the crack of wood.

Tossing the axe to the floor, he swiped his hand across his forehead. His short, tousled black hair shone in the sunlight. A bead of sweat trickled from his temple, over the high curve of his cheekbone and past his broad nose before settling at the edge of his strong, square jaw.

Dipping his head, he blew out a breath before bending down to reclaim his axe. As he curled back up, the smooth curve of his abs rippled. A sheen of moisture covered his body, clinging to his tanned skin. Unable to help myself, my gaze travelled to his well-defined pectorals as they rose with each breath he took. I licked my lips, but my tongue left only the faintest trail as my mouth dried from watching the beautiful creature before me.

The breeze that had so faithfully guided me to him turned into a single gust, flattening the wall between me and him. He glanced up and his deep blue eyes found mine. His lips curled up, accentuating long dimples in his cheeks. My heart stuttered, then raced as he took a step toward me.

“For as long as you continue to hide from others, Evelyn, you will be unable to find the happiness I know you crave.”

Right, Mr Psychologist. You’re right.

The breeze nudged me again and I succumbed to it, stepping out into the unknown.

New Release: Torment by Kristie Cook

Oh my gosh – I’m so excited!! I’ve been patiently waiting for this book. For those of you who don’t know, Promise (the 1st in the Soul Savers Series) was the first book I ever read on Kindle. After reading it, I knew I wanted to get my butt in gear and finally write that book I wanted to – so I did. Therefore, this series means a lot to me. Have I mentioned I’m excited – YAY!!!

 He’ll torment her soul until she breaks…and humanity until
it falls.
When the Daemoni expose their existence to the human race, all
Hell breaks loose. Literally. Not only do they walk the world freely, attacking
at will, but they’ve infiltrated the highest levels of power in the human
world. World War III erupts between countries 
and species, with Lucas, leader of evil on Earth, orchestrating it
all. He even possesses direct control of thousands of human soldiers’ minds,
putting himself in position to take over humanity.
Alexis, still young and inexperienced, must lead the Angels’ army
to war. But every step she takes is trumped by Lucas, who single-handedly turns
the humans against her Amadis. When Alexis and Tristan top every country’s list
of Most Wanted Terrorists, they are forced to go underground to fight this war.
And their first mission is to free the 
human soldiers by breaking the link that allows Lucas to control
But the Four Horsemen have apparently arrived, bringing the world
into the apocalypse. Can Alexis and the Amadis prevent Lucas from taking over
humanity? Or is he truly the Antichrist, and the events tormenting the world
part of an age-old prophecy that can’t be stopped?
This highly anticipated sixth book of the Soul Savers Series will
leave readers in shock, begging for the final installment, Faith.




Kristie Cook is a
lifelong, award-winning writer in various genres, primarily New Adult
paranormal romance and contemporary fantasy. Her internationally bestselling
Soul Savers Series will be complete and all seven books available by early
2015. She’s also written a companion novella, Genesis: A Soul Savers Novella,
currently available. Over 350,000 Soul Savers books have been sold, with
Promise peaking at #54 on the Amazon Top 100 Paid list and at #1 in the Amazon
Fantasy category, and Wrath peaking in the Top 10 on 5 international iBooks
She has also
written The Book of Phoenix trilogy, a New Adult paranormal romance series that
includes The Space Between, The Space Beyond, and The Space Within. The full
trilogy is available now.
Besides writing, Kristie enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and riding
on the back of a motorcycle. She has lived in ten states, but currently calls
Southwest Florida home with her husband, a beagle, and a puggle, but spends
many weekends with her three sons at UCF, cheering on the Knights.







New Release: Come Here, Go Away by Lori L. Clark

Come Here, Go Away

by Lori L. Clark

Title: Come Here, Go Away

Author: Lori L. Clark

 photo chgapanel2_zpsb0eda484.jpg

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Expected Release:

First Installment – January 2, 2015

Second Installment – January 9, 2015

Third Installment – January 16, 2015

Fourth Installment – January 23, 2015

Final Installment – January 30, 2015

 photo Synopsis2_zpsf1848aa2.jpg

Welcome to the five-week long reading experience of a new serial novel titled:

What is a serial novel? It is one, long saga, told episodically. COME HERE, GO AWAY is a very steamy, angsty, emotionally charged and flawed romance between a feisty self-defense instructor and a jaded billionaire who may or not be responsible for the death of his ex-wife. It will be told over a five-week period, each installment available every Friday, beginning January 2, 2015 for the low, low price of 99c for each episode!

Follow along with Tori and Ambrose in real time during the first five weeks of their roller-coaster-ride of a romance.

COME HERE, GO AWAY is the story of the steamy, screwed-up romance between Victoria “Tori” Isley and Ambrose Flynn. A couple of complete opposites brought together when Flynn–a smoking hot billionaire–hires Tori to train his daughter in self-defense.

Flynn was accused of hiring a hit-man to kill his ex-wife due to their bitter divorce and custody battle. Though Flynn was acquitted, the killer was never found and some still insist he’s guilty. His daughter moved back home with him, and now, Flynn’s convinced someone is going to kill her. Flynn maintains he had nothing to do with his ex-wife’s murder and believes it was motivated by revenge. When Flynn hires Tori to give his daughter private lessons in self-defense at his mansion. Sparks fly!

 photo Synopsis4_zps7498b298.jpg

“I chose you, Victoria, because I like the way you move. That and we have a lot in common.”

My forehead creases. “Meaning?”

“We were both accused of murdering our respective spouses,” he whispers.

I gasp at his boldness. “Yes, but I was found not guilty. It was self-defense.”

He presses against me, burying his nose in the crook of my neck and inhaling deeply. “I was also found not guilty.”

“I-I think it would be a good idea if we kept our relationship on a professional level,” I stammer quietly.

“I agree,” he says as he nibbles on my ear lobe.

My blood is on fire. I want him to do bad things to me, and the way I feel right now, that includes everything that doesn’t involve clothing. Just as I toy with the idea of locking my ankles around his waist, his phone buzzes, bringing me back to reality.

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Rafflecopter Giveaway. Click on the rafflecopter image below to be in with a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

 photo Rafflecopter_zpsd57bbaf7.jpg

royalty-free-dividers-clipart-illustration-1066454 photo Synopsis8_zps2529ff9b.jpg
 photo teaser1a2_zps11fb6d66.jpg
 photo CHGAteaser42_zps4f4103eb.jpg
 photo CHGAteaser32_zps50e9d74d.jpg
 photo CHGAteaser22_zpsd6770734.jpg
 photo CHGAteaser2_zpsbc01b430.jpg
 photo Synopsis14_zps28683f8a.jpg

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

 photo Synopsis7_zps19f037b8.jpg
 photo authorLLCforbio_zps1d232dd0.jpgLori L. Clark currently resides near St. Louis, MO with her only child … a five-year-old Min Pin named Barkley.
When Lori isn’t writing, she’s listening to the voices in her head, waiting for the next creative inspiration to hit. She also loves to read and dabbles in watercolor painting.



Email Lori at LLClark.author@gmail.com

Author page



Facebook Author Page


Amazon page