It’s live: Fractured Immortal Paperback Giveaway

I am pleased as punch to finally bring you Fractured Immortal in paperback. To celebrate its release, I’m giving away one signed copy. You can find the link for that at the end of this post.

There a couple of small changes that were made for the paperback. Natasha, one of my awesome critique partners, pointed out that the font that I’d picked made it look like my surname is Wicket, so my cover designer picked out a different font and I’m pleased with the results. If you like the cover for Fractured Immortal, you should check out my designers other covers. There are plenty of custom covers to choose from and, like Fractured Immortal, custom covers can also be made. I was so impressed with Betibup design, who tweaked and resized as many times as needed until I was completely happy with it. You can have a look at Betibup’s other covers here.

Here is the new(ish) cover.


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And here it is – in my hand, squeee!!


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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Fractured Immortal by E.L. Wicker

Fractured Immortal

by E.L. Wicker

Giveaway ends January 14, 2015.

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New Release: Come Here, Go Away by Lori L. Clark

Come Here, Go Away

by Lori L. Clark

Title: Come Here, Go Away

Author: Lori L. Clark

 photo chgapanel2_zpsb0eda484.jpg

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Expected Release:

First Installment – January 2, 2015

Second Installment – January 9, 2015

Third Installment – January 16, 2015

Fourth Installment – January 23, 2015

Final Installment – January 30, 2015

 photo Synopsis2_zpsf1848aa2.jpg

Welcome to the five-week long reading experience of a new serial novel titled:

What is a serial novel? It is one, long saga, told episodically. COME HERE, GO AWAY is a very steamy, angsty, emotionally charged and flawed romance between a feisty self-defense instructor and a jaded billionaire who may or not be responsible for the death of his ex-wife. It will be told over a five-week period, each installment available every Friday, beginning January 2, 2015 for the low, low price of 99c for each episode!

Follow along with Tori and Ambrose in real time during the first five weeks of their roller-coaster-ride of a romance.

COME HERE, GO AWAY is the story of the steamy, screwed-up romance between Victoria “Tori” Isley and Ambrose Flynn. A couple of complete opposites brought together when Flynn–a smoking hot billionaire–hires Tori to train his daughter in self-defense.

Flynn was accused of hiring a hit-man to kill his ex-wife due to their bitter divorce and custody battle. Though Flynn was acquitted, the killer was never found and some still insist he’s guilty. His daughter moved back home with him, and now, Flynn’s convinced someone is going to kill her. Flynn maintains he had nothing to do with his ex-wife’s murder and believes it was motivated by revenge. When Flynn hires Tori to give his daughter private lessons in self-defense at his mansion. Sparks fly!

 photo Synopsis4_zps7498b298.jpg

“I chose you, Victoria, because I like the way you move. That and we have a lot in common.”

My forehead creases. “Meaning?”

“We were both accused of murdering our respective spouses,” he whispers.

I gasp at his boldness. “Yes, but I was found not guilty. It was self-defense.”

He presses against me, burying his nose in the crook of my neck and inhaling deeply. “I was also found not guilty.”

“I-I think it would be a good idea if we kept our relationship on a professional level,” I stammer quietly.

“I agree,” he says as he nibbles on my ear lobe.

My blood is on fire. I want him to do bad things to me, and the way I feel right now, that includes everything that doesn’t involve clothing. Just as I toy with the idea of locking my ankles around his waist, his phone buzzes, bringing me back to reality.

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Rafflecopter Giveaway. Click on the rafflecopter image below to be in with a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

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royalty-free-dividers-clipart-illustration-1066454 photo Synopsis8_zps2529ff9b.jpg
 photo teaser1a2_zps11fb6d66.jpg
 photo CHGAteaser42_zps4f4103eb.jpg
 photo CHGAteaser32_zps50e9d74d.jpg
 photo CHGAteaser22_zpsd6770734.jpg
 photo CHGAteaser2_zpsbc01b430.jpg
 photo Synopsis14_zps28683f8a.jpg

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

 photo Synopsis7_zps19f037b8.jpg
 photo authorLLCforbio_zps1d232dd0.jpgLori L. Clark currently resides near St. Louis, MO with her only child … a five-year-old Min Pin named Barkley.
When Lori isn’t writing, she’s listening to the voices in her head, waiting for the next creative inspiration to hit. She also loves to read and dabbles in watercolor painting.



Email Lori at

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My 2014 in review. I owe you guys a big fat thank you.

I’ve seen a few of these posts around so thought I’d add mine to the mix. My blog has only been running since June, so I’m pleased with the numbers. Actually, I’m over the moon. I think we’ve all come to realize by now that I waffle on about random nothingness most of the time. I really want to say thank you to everyone who stops by to read my spiel and THANK YOU so much for making the day that I revealed my own book cover the day that also generated the highest numbers. I am really grateful.


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,000 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 50 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

The Little Things We Do

I’m inspired by my cat to write this. Yes, that’s right. My cat. He has a weird habit of eating with his paws. Rather than shove his face into his food, he picks up each piece of meat with his claws and eats it that way. I have no idea why he does it and he doesn’t do it all the time, but still, I find it funny. My other cat, Connie, she chases her tail like a dog and the dog, Monty, he tries to climb onto my lap as if he’s a cat and not a 45kg giant Labrador. I think we have a bit of an identity crisis going on in my house.


Anyway, those little things they do got me to thinking about the little things we all do. Is it just me, or do most men like to sit cupping their junk? Why is that? Hmm. I don’t know about you, but if I sat with my hand in my pants I’m pretty sure it’d make people uncomfortable. Maybe I’ll sit with my hands in my bra instead? I can hardly talk. When we’re drunk me and my friends have a tendency to flash. Not when we’re out clubbing, we’re not like that. Just when we’re having drinks round each others houses. At some point in the evening, the ‘nipple talk’ inevitably comes up where one will moan about theirs while the other says they’re fine with usually another bouncing around dancing with boob puppets (usually me).


We all have little things we say or do a lot. I scratch the side of my head when I’m stressed. I also have a very strong urge to sing ‘Silent Night’ like a choir boy every time ‘Mistletoe and Wine’ by Cliff Richard plays. And lastly, (but not really last), I feel it pertinent to let everyone know when I feel unwell. You shall all suffer with me through my gregarious whining. I may be a woman, but I get man flu worse than any man I know. True story.


When I’m writing characters, I like to give some of them tics. Lucas from Fractured Immortal purses his lips, raises his brow and nods. Evangeline scratches the side of her head – took my cue from Bill there. Hey, I can use that!

So what little things do you all do? Is there something you tend to do often in certain situations? I’d love to know.

New Release: A Journal of Sin by Darryl Donaghue

New release alert! And what a good one it looks to be! A Journal of Sin by Darryl Donaghue is the first in what looks to be an awesome mystery series and it’s right up my ally, so I’ll be reading it for sure.

journalA village, isolated by a severe storm, and a young officer, alone and out of her depth. A troubled priest is brutally murdered, leaving behind a journal of the resident’s confessional secrets; secrets certain people would prefer he took to the grave. As word spreads, the pressure rises as the eyes of the town watch her every move. With no forensic team, no support and a savage killer hiding in a turbulent town, is PC Sarah Gladstone up to the task?





darrylI grew up in Wimbledon, London. Tennis country. I didn’t have the enthusiasm, or the lung capacity, for sports, preferring more introverted pursuits such as reading, writing and Super Nintendo. Had the ‘ball boy’ tryouts referred to the shape of my silhouette, I’d have been on centre court, but all the running involved only encouraged me to sit at home and watch with a bowl of seasonal strawberry ice cream.

My early reviews weren’t positive. Miss Molyneaux, my middle school English teacher, regularly awarded E’s and F’s for my creative pieces. In high school, Mr Potter continued the trend, but one day added the most encouraging thing a young writer could ever read:

“I know you copied it. I’m just not sure where from.”

This misplaced accusation of plagiarism was the greatest compliment I’d had. Someone thought my work was so good, it couldn’t possibly have come from the grey matter between my ears.

At 17, I was diagnosed with cancer. It’s something I’m happy to talk about more if you’d like, just drop me an email, but for the purpose of this section, suffice it to say, it changed my life and with the help of very supportive parents, I decided to go to university.

I left Wimbledon to study Criminology and Psychological Studies at Southampton, graduating in 2003. On the discovery of beer, women and freedom (and how the first two really eat into the third), the writing went by the wayside.

In 2005, I became a Police Officer and in 2008, a Detective. In later years, I led my own team and became a Detective Tutor.

As I’m sure you appreciate, writing with any full-time hectic job is a very difficult task and, although I wasn’t able to produce a novel, I had three short stories published during this time.

Heartbreaking as it was, in 2014, I quit policing and am now teaching in Seoul, South Korea. I was working far too many hours to be able to write productively, so had to decide between two loves. I’ve got more time to write now and am working on my first crime fiction novel, trying to understand the crazy world of social media and having a good time doing it all.

My writing philosophy is  to humbly admire and learn other people’s work and the stories they tell by living the lives they do, aspire to produce the best stories and the best characters I can and understand that I have to work harder than ever before to get to where I want to be.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

I was having this conversation with Bill the other day, well a conversation along those lines, but about our children. If any of you have read Bill’s recent posts you’ll know he has a heck of a lot to be proud of, you can check those out here. My children are ten and eleven and already they have said they want to be a plethora of things when they grow up, which got me to thinking of all the things I wanted to be. So, for your amusement and maybe to give you a little insight into my extraordinarily weird brain, here are all the things that I wanted to be when I grew up.

A Thundercat
CheetaraI mean, c’mon – who didn’t want to be a Thundercat, right? My childhood days were, at times, filled with stripping down to my vest and knickers and doing somersaults across the furniture. I was pretty lithe back then. I can’t remember the first time I ever did a somersault but I remember how all my siblings thought it was really cool. Yep, I fancied myself as a bit of Cheetara and that was what or who I wanted to be when I grew up.


Indiana Jones An Archaeologist

indiana-jones-snakesOh man!! I wanted a cool hat and a whip, and snakes, pff – they don’t scare me. I was convinced I could be a better raider of tombs than Dr Jones. I think I was about seven or eight when I first went to the cinema and the film I went to see just happened to be The Last Crusade. Everything about that film blew me away, from the crazy adventuring, hidden walls and the incredible music, I was hooked and even now I watch the films whenever they’re on TV. I wish that had been the last Indiana Jones movie, I didn’t fancy Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls much.

A Wrestler
litaI’ve always loved WWF WWE and I quite fancied myself as a wrestler back when I was little. I can still put my husband in a tight chokehold, but he always repays me by busting out the figure four leg lock. If I manage to break free without tapping out, I’m fairly quick to land an RKO on him. I have speed on my side, but I rarely manage to get away if he maneuvers me into the walls of Jericho, I always tap out to that. I play dirty though, and his weakness is a wedgie. I know, I know, that’s not a ‘legal’ wrestling move, but it sure works well as a submission manoeuvre.


A writer
ernestI had dark times as a child. I expect we all have had, at some point. I found solace in books and was so amazed by how the words on a page could take me somewhere far, far away, that I wanted to be able to give that gift of escapism to others. I still do, obviously.




A Footballer
CHASTAINNow here’s the thing about this one. I had a wild imagination, still do, and this ‘wannabe’ entailed dressing up as a guy and convincing the whole team I had junk between my legs. Then, when I scored the winning goal in the Champions League, I’d reveal to the world I was a girl and they’d love me even more. Yeah, that one was never going to pan out, plus, I don’t even like watching it anymore.



A Marine Biologist.
sqThink Seaquest DSV. I watched it religiously and decided I wanted to live on a submarine studying ocean life, as long as I got to wield a gun and kick the crap out of the bad guys.



A naturist naturalist.
naturI seriously went around telling people I wanted to be a naturist. What I actually meant, and I know this now, is that I wanted to be a naturalist. I wanted to study plant and wildlife in their natural biome just because I thought it would be fun. Actually, I still think it would be fun. When I occasionally tweet I want to live barefoot in the woods, I’m not joking. Although, as Bill pointed out to me recently, I’d have to study up on which berries I could eat. Of course, being a social media junkie, maybe living barefoot in the woods isn’t the most sensible thing I could want.

An actress/singer
hsmI acted in a few school plays, even took part in a theater production, I was an extra. I also got a role in a local production of ‘Andy Warhol’ – I played ‘death’. Later on in life, I joined a band, left a band and then I won a big Karaoke competition singing a dance version of My Heart Will Go On. The prizes were the best part. I was eighteen and won money, booze and a holiday to Kos. I never did go on that holiday, I didn’t have a passport, oops.

Lara Croft An Archaeologist
Lara_CroftYep, back to that. See how films, tv and video games inspire me? Lara Croft is pretty badass and back in 1996, when Tomb Raider fist came out, I was back pining to be an archaeologist again. I wanted to scour the Earth and traverse the jungles to find ancient artifacts. Though I grew out of that phase, I still play Tomb Raider and somehow, and I don’t know how, became one of the best multiplayers of Tomb Raider in the world. I get a lot of kills on the game, but I also do a whole load of dying too because I can’t aim to save my life so I prefer close contact fighting which usually involves me jumping out on some poor unsuspecting player and firing off my shotgun or whacking them over the head with my axe. So I’m kind of living that dream, in the virtual world at least.

A Psychologist
By this time 2004 – I had done a bit of growing up and decided that I wanted to be a clinical psychologist. I went to Uni and everything, Graduated and could still go on to be a clinical psychologist but in my final year I studied health psychology and it well and truly put me off, which is daft because it’s completely different from clinical. I think it was an easy out that I took because somewhere along the line, I just stopped wanting to be one.

And that’s about it. There are many, many more but it would take me far too long to list them all. Even now, when I’m watching Arrow, I get the urge to go find something green, grab my daughters Nerf bow and head out to save the world, but, aside from foam arrows having little effect, it’s just too difficult to commit to vigilantism when I have a family to feed. Maybe I could be a work in progress?

We all have hopes and dream. I’m only 33 and as Jake keeps reminding me, I’m only a ‘young’un’. So, as of right now, when I grow up I want to be a writer. I want to earn enough so I can bugger off for seven months to go hiking. I might take up some form of martial arts, depending on what comic strip series I’m watching that day. Can’t really see myself being able to carry out the salmon ladder though.


So what about you guys? What do you all want to be ‘when you grow up’? I’d love to know! I’d especially love to know all the things you wanted to be too.

Here Come the Nerves

Vomit keeps rising in my throat. Maybe that’s a SLIGHT exaggeration, but I am definitely queasy right now. As I type this post, it’s 23.55pm on the 19th of December. That means Fractured Immortal is 24 hours and 5 minutes away from being released. It’s the first time I have ever put a book out there for all to see. And it is possibly one of the most nerve wracking things I have ever done.

Last night I had a nightmare that there was a huge error in my book. It was one of those dreams that felt 100% real. I’ve had them before and they usually manifest themselves when I have a lot on my mind. The first part of the week started out okay. I was a bit scared – actually, I was a lot scared but not as scared as I am right now. I love Fractured Immortal but what one person loves, another person loves not so much. Movies, music, flavors, fashion – just like books, opinions are subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Indeed.

One of my favorite quotes is If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried. This quote has been credited to a lot of people but I’m pretty sure it came from the mouth of Albert Einstein. Yes, it’s difficult to write a book and, yes, it’s freaking scary as hell to take said book and give it wings. But – If I don’t try, I won’t fail…..hang on there one candytushed moment, that’s not right. But you see what I’m getting at? We all have things we’re scared of but we have to suck it up, swallow it (stop that right now) and expose ourselves. (Seriously, stop it.) Whether we fail or succeed is by the by, at least we tried. That’s what I mean.

Not everyone is going to like Fractured Immortal. Not everyone is going to like me. But I will suck it up. (possibly after rocking in the corner crying for an hour). Whatever. Because, hey – I wrote a book. I spent a year on it. Jumping on it, thumping it and smacking it into order with the help of some incredibly awesome people. And now, I’m giving it wings and sending it off out into the world. I know already that some people love it. I’ve not heard anything negative about it thus far, but give it time. But if I ever get a bad review, if I ever get someone say ‘what the actual * is this?’, I can shrug and know that at least a few people already love it as much as I do. I can also learn from what others think is missing or wrong.

When I started writing Fractured Immortal, I didn’t think I’d actually get it finished. I am the Queen of half done. THE QUEEN. My husband thinks it’s funny when I ramble around the house doing stuff because I start something then wander off and start something else without finishing. But this book wanted to be written. It insisted. So I wrote it, and by the end of it, I was so in love with the characters and the setting that as long as just one person felt the same way, I’d be happy. So I am. I am over the moon. So I’m going to continue to swallow down the scary, and work hard on the next book, because I’ll be releasing that ‘lil beastie into the world too, so look out for the ‘I’m crapping my pants’ post that will surely appear a few days prior to that release too.

For all of you writers out there, have faith in yourselves. (pot, kettle). If this little fruitcake from England can do it, you can too.

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